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computers Electronics

Ultraviolet Germicidal Disinfection Lamp

computers Electronics

Xiaomi WEMAX A300 4K Laser


Solar LED street light



CPU:A33/A64/A83/RK3126/RK3328/RK3368/RK3399 /MT8163/MT8167/MT8173/MT8176  Quad Core Cortex A7@1.5GHz 64Bits●OS: Andriod OS  6.0-7.0-8.0 – 8.1-9.0●LCD module: 10‘‘1280*800/1920*1200   IPS Screen●RAM:1GB/2GB●Hard Disk: 8GB/16GB/32GB Nand Flash●Network WIFI 802.11b/g/n Ethernet Supports connection to the RJ45 network interface Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 3G/4G Support external 3G/4G USB dongle

computers Electronics


Processor – dual core 2.4 GHz+ (i5 or i7 series Intel processor or equivalent AMD) RAM – 16 GB Hard Drive – 256 GB or larger solid state hard drive Graphics Card – any with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only Wireless (for laptops) – 802.11ac (WPA2 support required) Monitor – 23″ widescreen LCD […]