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Build raised decks with the look of real wood but without the downside. Plank style porcelain skillfully incorporates the visual features that make natural wood decking so enchanting – knots, streaks, variable grain structure, pinholes, random color variation and even weathered appearance, but eliminates all the problems of natural wood. Pedestal supported porcelain planks offer an unsurpassed alternative to building raised decks of natural wood for rooftop decks, roof terraces and plaza decking… in fact for any deck surface over sloping or uneven substrates. And especially where installation of conventional wood or steel bearer substructures is not permitted.

Porcelain decking:

  • cannot catch fire or burn
  • doesn’t need regular oiling or ongoing maintenance
  • won’t twist, warp, split or crack
  • will never fade or change color
  • won’t become scruffy due to scratches or marks
  • won’t develop ugly stains from oil or grease
  • never develops splinters
  • doesn’t suffer hard to remove mold and mildew

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